Study, meets summer

Study, meets summer


Our in-depth academic program is designed to provide students with a broad overview of Torah thought and practice, enlivened in an environment where they can engage, challenge and contribute. The comprehensive curriculum means JSF students gain both the analytical tools necessary to deeply understand Jewish concepts and the practical knowledge needed to apply them. JSF participants study ancient Jewish texts, enjoy stimulating lectures from world-renowned scholars, and engage in lively discussion with their peers.


The Talmud, the prolific encyclopedic work of the “Golden era” is the product of the great study halls of Babylonia, often called “the portable homeland”. You will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the logic, debate, analysis and reasoning style of the Talmud.


Translated into almost every language and dialect, reprinted in countless editions, the Bible has been the world’s “best seller” ever since Gutenberg invented movable type. But the Hebrew Bible is no simple text for quick or superficial reading. Straight translations tend to distort more than they reveal. Studying the Torah in Hebrew according to the ancient Masoretic text system, together with the classical commentaries, will unveil the original wisdom of the Bible. Through an exploration of diverse levels of interpretation, the five Books of Moses will emerge not only as a clear guideline for human behavior, but as the actual divine “blueprint” for all existence.


Discover a comprehensive philosophy that is at once eminently practical and mystically sublime. Selected readings in the published works of the Chassidic masters will confront marvels and mysteries, such as the purpose of creation; the nature of the soul; the efficacy of prayer; G-d’s relationship with the material world; the special mission of Israel; and the goal of the Commandments. It is a journey deep into the genuine spirit. It is the study of what is purely and simply Divine.

Jewish law

Jewish law provides guidance in every sphere of human activity, in every facet of life. It is Divine Wisdom made manifest in the everyday affairs of man. In this uniquely systematic approach to the study of Halacha, students will examine selected topics – such as Shabbat, Festivals, Kashrut and charity – and trace their development throughout the length and breadth of Torah tradition.

Hebrew skills

Learn to read and write Hebrew. Also, develop language and grammatical skills necessary for advancement in the study of Biblical and Rabbinic literature. Learn various fonts used in traditional texts as well as script.

Lectures • Tutorials • Independent study

In addition to structured courses, the JSF provides opportunities for independent study in areas of personal interest. Faculty are available for one-on-one study and private consultations. Distinguished guest lecturers address the student body on topics of special interest including;
Business and medical ethics • Role of the Jewish woman • Thirteen Principals Of Faith • Relationships • Scribal & Judaic art workshop • Jewish Calendar.


JSF is an adventure for the mind, body and soul. Students enjoy an array of outdoor activities including hiking,  swimming, whitewater rafting and more. They also take full advantage of summer break with plenty of barbeques, live music, schmoozing and all sorts of outdoor fun — building memories that will last a lifetime. Below is a sample daily schedule.